Worldwide Clinical treatment and diagnosis

The catalog of medical companies gives everyone the opportunity to receive treatment and diagnostics in clinics around the world. This handy catalog contains hundreds of leading medical institutions abroad, ready to help solve health problems.

It is not always safe to look for a clinic in other countries on your own.

  • In the ratings of the "best" foreign medical institutions, as a rule, there are hospitals that offer expensive treatment. If you choose a more "modest" clinic, the cost of services will be much lower.
  • Due to the language barrier, it will be difficult for an Internet user to properly communicate with a hospital representative. Due to misunderstandings, problems arise with the provision of services.
  • Good clinics are located in countries besides Israel, USA, Germany and other European countries. The medicine in many Eastern European countries is at a high level and is in no way inferior to those listed above.

Treatment and diagnosis: how to choose a clinic

The catalog contains general hospitals and specialized clinics. Also, some countries have a clear advantage in any particular area of ​​medicine.

  • Turkey is renowned for its wide range of opportunities in the field of trichology and hair transplantation, fertility treatment, and organ transplantation.
  • Baltic countries, such as Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, are home to excellent specialists in ophthalmology and orthopedic surgery work.
  • Highly qualified cancer diagnostics and treatment is offered in leading institutions in Spain, Germany and Israel.
  • Chile opens up unique methods of home birth, water birth and vertical birth to patients from all over the world.
  • If you need high-quality rehabilitation, you should consider Switzerland, where there are hundreds of rehabilitation centers of various types.

Clinics abroad openly work with foreign patients. The largest health care networks have special focal points working on the development of medical tourism. The managers of the centers help people from all over the world to receive qualified assistance that cannot be provided in their home countries.

How to find treatment and diagnostics abroad?

Even with an excellent command of English, there is no guarantee of finding a good clinic abroad. On the Internet, you can stumble upon scammers who promise miraculous healing in exchange for money, and eventually disappear as soon as the required amount goes to the card.

In order not to avoid such unscrupulous clinics, it is better to use the catalog. The site contains verified information about clinics, hospitals and centers around the world that work with foreign patients as part of medical tourism.

On you can:

  • Find a clinic in Israel, Chile or one of the European countries;
  • Read company information and testimonials from former patients;
  • Sign up for a free consultation at a medical center anywhere in the world.

The catalog is your universal assistant in choosing treatment and diagnostics in clinics around the world.

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