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Cereneo Center for Neurology and Rehabilitation

Cereneo is one of the world's leading rehabilitation clinics for patients suffering from strokes, injuries,and brain disease. The patients of the rehabilitation center receive an individual treatment plan that includes the latest therapies and innovative technologies.

The center also cooperates with the University of Zurich and other medical institutions in the country. It helps to introduce the latest global developments into the rehabilitation process.

Rehabilitation at Cereneo:

  • movement therapy;
  • speech therapy;
  • neuropsychology;
  • physiotherapy;
  • exoskeleton support;
  • physical medicine.

The Cereneo's conception is based on an interdisciplinary collaboration that combines intensive, individual therapy with modern innovations. Patients from abroad , who appreciate not only high service but also a cozy atmosphere, come to the clinic.

The clinic is located in a picturesque location near the Alps. From the windows of the wards, a magnificent view of the mountains and the surrounding nature, can be seen. Each program for international patients includes:

  • Bilingual accompaniment in different languages​;
  • Assistance in obtaining a visa, transport rental, housing search;
  • Respect for religious and social needs;
  • Consideration of patient preferences in the selection of therapists and nurses.



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