Clinica Bupa Renaca

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Clinica Renaca

Renaca Medical Facility cares for people through its outpatient and inpatient centers, where millions of Chileans are seen every year. The hospital takes into account all the needs of people who require competent and qualified medical care.

Renaca provides advisory support to the population. Developing innovative methods of treatment, including drug therapy, is the prevention of diseases and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Day after day, hospital specialists make their tangible contribution to improving the quality of life of people from all over the world.

Treatment at the Renaca Clinic

Renaca Clinic is part of a large healthcare network that has been operating for over 70 years, and in 190 countries. The medical institution is constantly working to improve the quality of services provided so as not to be inferior to leading institutions in the USA, Europe and Asia.

Patients at Renaca receive:

  • Exceptional services, world practices and methods of treating diseases, participation in wellness programs;
  • Comprehensive treatment in various health care areas;
  • Continuous improvement of the quality of services, expansion of the medical profile and the integration of new technologies;
  • Remote support for patients who have already been discharged from the clinic and are on home rehabilitation;
  • Compliance with international treatment standards that ensure safety and reliability throughout the treatment.

An integrated healthcare model allows Renaca to provide a wide range of medical services at the highest level. Renaca operates specialized clinics, laboratories, and institutes where treatment and in-depth study of certain diseases as well as medical sectors are carried out.

Services and units:

  • otorhinolaryngology laboratory;
  • integrated cancer center;
  • cardiology laboratory;
  • sleep study center;
  • surgical medical hospitalization;
  • plastic surgery center;
  • gynecological obstetric hospitalization;
  • center for prenatal research;
  • urogynecology center;
  • neurology laboratory;
  • preventive medicine;
  • digestive center, etc.

Renaca Clinic also has its own vaccination center, research center and blood bank, which accelerates and simplifies the provision of medical services.



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