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Ciudad del Mar Clinic

The Ciudad del Mar Clinic has been offering diagnostics and treatment services for a wide range of diseases since 2002. Every year, the medical institution is modernized, new equipment is installed, more competent and experienced doctors are hired to make the residents of the region feel safe.

Clinic activities are constantly expanding. Specialized centers are opening throughout the city. Particular attention is paid to the diagnosis and treatment of oncology with subsequent rehabilitation. The clinic has all the necessary equipment to detect cancer at an early stage in order to prevent any possible transition towards a chronic condition..

Oncology Department

The oncology department of the Ciudad del Mar clinic allows for chemotherapy without hospitalization. Under these conditions, the patient stays at home with their family and visits the hospital for planned procedures. This approach to cancer therapy is also attractive for foreign patients who do not have to overpay for hospital stays.

Chemotherapy without hospitalization is a modern cancer treatment that is as effective as traditional methods. In Ciudad del Mar Clinic, other equally effective methods of treating cancer diseases are also practiced.. The clinic specialises in:

  • gynecological oncology;
  • pediatric hematology and oncology;
  • radiation oncology;
  • adult hematology and oncology;
  • oncology of the mammary gland.

Treatment in Ciudad del Mar

In addition to oncology, the clinic also treats other diseases. Within the walls of the medical institution, procedures are conducted by specialists in the following areas:

  • reconstructive and plastic surgery;
  • neurosurgery;
  • urology;
  • gastrointestinal surgery;
  • gynecology;
  • coloproctology;
  • general surgery.

To provide patients with timely and competent treatment, clinic specialists use the best equipment for diagnosis and laboratory analysis. With the help of innovative devices, the necessary studies are carried out to simplify the diagnosis and the preparation of a treatment plan.



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