Ophthalmology treatment in Belarus

Ophthalmology in clinics in Belarus is an excellent opportunity to get rid of eye diseases or take a course of laser vision correction. (The standard of?) Medicine in this country is increasing every year and offers more advanced methods of treating a wide range of eye diseases.

A competent ophthalmologist, already at the initial consultation, conducts all the necessary tests to diagnose eye problems and draws up a further therapy plan. Laser vision correction in Belarus is carried out using the most modern techniques, and is a worthy alternative to expensive European clinics.

Spectrum of ophthalmology in Belarus

Belarusian doctors have in their arsenal powerful high-tech resources, thanks to their extensive experience, they quickly and efficiently cope with the tasks. Specialized ophthalmology centers offer treatment for a wide range of diseases. Therapy available:

  • cataracts;
  • squint;
  • pterygium;
  • pathology of the retina and eyelids;
  • astigmatism;
  • glaucoma, etc.

In addition to therapeutic treatment, Belarusian specialists carry out a number of eye surgeries. The most popular procedures are eyelid detachment surgery, vitreoretinal surgery, and lens reduction and replacement. As auxiliary procedures, intravitreal treatment, laser vision correction, optical tomography and computerized vision diagnostics are performed. Ophthalmology in Belarus is available for children and adults.

How to find a clinic in Belarus?

To get an appointment with an experienced Belarusian ophthalmologist, you can search for him on the website of medical companies Yellmed.com. Here you can find information about leading clinics, medical centers and hospitals from around the world. For the convenience of site visitors, you can read reviews about doctors, as well as sign up for a free consultation with any of them.

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