Ophthalmology treatment in Estonia

More and more people in Europe are paying attention to ophthalmology in Estonian clinics. This country has excellent conditions for working with foreign patients. Every person can receive highly qualified assistance in the treatment of diseases of the organs of vision, and it will be much cheaper in comparison with other countries.

To diagnose eye diseases, the ophthalmologist conducts the necessary research, including computer analysis of visual acuity. The leading Estonian hospitals are equipped with modern devices, and with their help, laser vision correction and all kinds of surgical interventions are performed.

Spectrum of ophthalmology in Estonia

Patients in specialized clinics usually come from outside Estonia. They highly value the technical capabilities of Estonian clinics and prefer to receive quality treatment at affordable prices. The medical centers offer a wide range of services:

  • diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases (including neoplasms);
  • treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, conjunctivitis;
  • cornea transplant;
  • eyelid surgery;
  • radiation and laser therapy;
  • examination of visual acuity;
  • treatment of eye diseases in children;
  • optometry;
  • laser vision correction, etc.

Ophthalmology in Estonia is represented in state general hospitals and private specialized clinics. The patients are treated by competent doctors, recognized at the international level, who use all the resources available in modern medicine to achieve the best result for each person.

How to find a clinic in Estonia?

To find a specialist in any country of the world, including Estonia, you can use the catalog of medical companies Yellmed.com. Here, every visitor can read information about clinics, share their experience of treatment abroad and sign up for a free consultation at the institution of interest.

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