Medical help in Germany

Germany is the country of the world standard of medicine. The medical tourism program provides treatment and diagnostics in all areas of health care. Patients can be sure that they will receive an effective and highly qualified therapy.

The German government takes their medical community seriously and monitors the services they provide. All types of modern diagnostics are available in German institutions: ultrasound examination, magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography, laboratory tests, etc. are performed on innovative devices.

Benefits of treatment in Germany:

  • All clinics meet international standards for the provision of medical services.
  • Institutions have been modernized with innovative equipment for diagnostics and rehabilitation.
  • Highly qualified doctors and nursing staff allow patients to provide assistance to patients even in the most difficult cases.
  • Every year millions of people from all over the world come to Germany for treatment.

Treatment in clinics

German doctors try to solve patients' problems using conservative methods, only in exceptional cases they resort to surgical intervention. Comfortable treatment in Germany is effective due to the modern medicines, technologies, techniques, and practise the use of minimally invasive methods of operation.

Private clinics, university hospitals and specialized medical centers offer guests from abroad the widest range of services in the field of:

  • gastroenterology;
  • gynecology;
  • dermatology;
  • phlebology;
  • allergology;
  • cardiology / cardiac surgery;
  • coloproctology;
  • mammology;
  • otorhinolaryngology;
  • oncology.

Germany is renowned for its capabilities in various fields of surgery. The most complicated operations on the open heart, blood vessels, brains, tumors are performed here. Types of surgery offered in German clinics:

  • general;
  • neurosurgery;
  • oncological;
  • children's;
  • cardiac surgery;
  • orthopedic;
  • plastic;
  • reconstructive;
  • gastroenterological;
  • gynecological;
  • cardiovascular, etc.

And although the cost of treatment in Germany is more expensive than in other European countries, there are medical programs that can significantly reduce costs.

How to find a clinic in Germany

There are hundreds of good clinics in Germany and it is difficult to find a suitable one. The Yellmed catalog of medical institutions will help you to make your choice. On the website, you can find out information about clinics, read reviews, specify the address and phone number, and also request a free consultation.

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