Ophthalmology treatment in Israel

Ophthalmology in Israeli clinics opens up opportunities for visitors to quickly correct vision or treat a wide range of eye diseases. Medical institutions in this country are the largest in the world, hundreds of thousands of patients with vision problems come here every year.

Leading Israeli hospitals such as Ichilov, Sourasky, Assuta, Herzliya and Ramat Aviv have specialized ophthalmological departments equipped with the necessary equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases. These clinics have powerful microscopes and microsurgical equipment for all kinds of surgical procedures.

The spectrum of ophthalmology in Israel

Experienced Israeli ophthalmologists are regularly faced with serious eye diseases at work. This allows them to gain practical knowledge and successfully apply it in the future.

Such diseases as:

  • optic nerve atrophy;
  • myopia;
  • glaucoma and cataracts;
  • hypoplasia of the optic nerves;
  • retinoblastoma;
  • destruction of the vitreous;
  • corneal dystrophy;
  • conjunctivitis.

In addition to vision treatment, services are available for laser correction, correction of strabismus and implantation of the cornea, intraocular lens, and intraocular valve.

Ophthalmology in Israel is represented not only by therapeutic, but also by diagnostic services. Ultrasound of the eye, trabeculectomy, computed perimetry, optical coherence tomography, optometry, color vision research, etc.

How to find a clinic in Israel?

To get qualified eye treatment in an Israeli clinic, you can use the catalog of medical institutions Yellmed.com. The site contains information about the leading ophthalmological hospitals in Israel: addresses, phone numbers and reviews. If necessary, you can immediately sign up for a consultation and organise one free of charge.

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