Medical help in Latvia

In the past, Latvia was considered exclusively as a possibility of health improvement and recreation on the Baltic Sea, nowadays treatment in Latvian clinics is gaining more and more popularity. It is gradually gaining the status of a favorable country in terms of medical tourism, thanks to its wide range of opportunities.

Treatment in Latvia: spa and wellness services

The sanatoriums of Jurmala invite people with problems of the cardiovascular system, respiratory tract, diseases of the digestive system, musculoskeletal system, as well as metabolic disorders, and other ailments. The healing factors of the resort, such as mineral springs, sapropelic and peat mud, and the sea climate, contribute to the improvement of one’s overall health.

Accommodation is carried out in comfortable rooms. All sanatoriums in Latvia meet European service. Rooms with upholstered furniture, household appliances and basic necessities. Sanatoriums near the sea offer, in addition to wellness procedures, beauty and relaxation services in private spa complexes.

You can choose a rehabilitation center in Jurmala, Liepaja, Riga or Cesis. Here, effective methods of restorative procedures are used, such as:

  • spine traction system;
  • elimination of pain syndrome;
  • floating - weightlessness therapy;
  • lymphatic drainage massage;
  • hardware rehabilitation, etc.

The price of the voucher includes procedures, three meals a day, accommodation in rooms of the selected category, and cultural and entertainment events.

Treatment in Latvian clinics

Residents of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and other neighboring countries often choose Latvia as a budget alternative to medical treatment abroad. Despite the lower costs, the standard of medicine here is no worse than in Europe. Dozens of private and public institutions offer high-quality services to international guests.

Benefits of treatment in Latvia:

  • Affordable prices for diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.
  • The clinics are well equipped, it is possible to undergo all the procedures in one place, and not to run around between different clinics;
  • Use of quality materials and medicines from the world's leading manufacturers.
  • The most demanded medical fields are surgery, sports medicine, and rehabilitation. The country has specialized clinics for joint replacement, treatment of varicose veins and centers for bariatric surgery.

How to find a clinic in Latvia?

You can find a clinic using the Yellmed catalog of medical companies. Dozens of companies from all over Latvia are located here - sanatoriums, dental clinics, specialized hospitals, hospitals and rehabilitation centers.

  • To get treatment in Latvia you need to:
  • go to the Yellmed catalog;
  • select the required clinic in the search;
  • go to the clinic page;
  • read information about it;
  • request a free consultation via the form.

When you choose an institution, pay attention not only to the specialization of a particular clinic, but also to reviews as they are written by real people, and in most cases correspond to reality.

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