Medical help in Russia

Treatment in Russian clinics has reached a new level. Over the decades, hundreds of modern medical centers have been built in the country, which, in terms of service, are able to compete with the world's leading clinics.

Every year, Russian doctors discover something new in various fields of medicine. They were the first to create a vaccine against the coronavirus and that saved hundreds of thousands of patients around the world. Also, doctors are going well with the treatment of serious diseases: in the capital and regional hospitals there are conditions for cancer therapy, organ transplants, and the most complex operations on the heart and brain.

Benefits of treatment in Russia

Residents of the CIS countries and neighboring countries, often come to Russia for treatment and examination: Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Uzbekistan, etc. Patients from these countries highly regard Russian medicine, primarily for its pleasant price-quality ratio.

  1. The cost of treatment in a Russian clinic is 3 to4 times cheaper than in Germany or the USA.
  2. Patients are treated by highly qualified doctors who underwent training in the leading institutions of the world.
  3. Comprehensive support for medical tourists: assistance in obtaining a visa, finding accommodation, buying tickets (air, railway), transfer, language support, etc.

Russian medical centers offer services for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of diseases. Qualified specialists of general clinical and narrow profile work with patients. If necessary, emergency assistance is offered up for surgery.

In Russian clinics, treatment is available in the following areas:

  • gastroenterology;
  • ophthalmology;
  • neurosurgery;
  • general surgery;
  • otorhinolaryngology;
  • oncology and hematology;
  • plastic surgery;
  • orthopedics and traumatology;
  • cardiology, etc.

The best Russian institutions work with foreign patients: hospitals and clinics, medical centers, state polyclinics, psychological support centers, rehabilitation centers, private clinics, sanatoriums and dispensaries, maternity hospitals.

How to find a clinic in Russia

Despite the fact that the Russian healthcare system is divided into many factions, the work of private medical institutions is aimed at a foreign audience. In the Yellmed catalog, you will find all the necessary information about private clinics in Russia: addresses, phone numbers and reviews. Here you can find up-to-date information on the operation of hospitals and specialist centers.

Do you want to find a clinic in Russia? Yellmed catalog will help you!

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