Medical help in Slovenia

Treatment in Slovenian clinics is a new and rapidly developing area of medical tourism. Here patients get perfect European service, high quality and competent medical aid at a reasonable price. Public and private clinics, hospitals, and centers with state-of-the-art equipment work with overseas patients.

Diagnostics and Treatment in Slovenia

Slovenian medical centers offer a wide range of help in case of various diseases. Their major focus is on the problems of cardio-vascular, digestive,  urogenital system, locomotor apparatus diseases, and oncologic diseases.

You can find clinics with narrow specialisations such as pulmonologists, nephrologists, geriatricians, podiatrists, trichologists, dermatovenereologists, hepatologists, geneticists, etc. Along with therapeutic help, rehabilitation is also available in Slovenia. It is provided in rehabilitation centers and sanatoriums.

Specialized institutions provide comprehensive rehabilitation for people:

  • with injuries of the musculoskeletal system;
  • after strokes and cardiovascular diseases;
  • with disorders of the central and peripheral system;
  • after complex surgical interventions and trauma;
  • with developmental, speech and behavioral disorders;
  • after a course of chemotherapy, etc.

Slovenian doctors actively cooperate with leading specialists in clinics all over the world. They attend medical forums, congresses and conferences, where they exchange experience with their foreign colleagues. They successfully integrate the gained knowledge into their work process to provide as many people as possible with highly qualified help.

Sanatorium and Spa Recreation in Slovenia

Recreation at sanatoriums, rest homes, and pensions at the seaside is very popular among foreign patients. Nature in  Slovenia is rich in minerals, mud, and open-air thermal springs. Overseas guests are offered comfortable sanatoria offering recovery and rehabilitation programs for people with various diseases.

The abundance of natural resources yield a wide range of cosmetic, dermatological and relaxation procedures applying mineral and thermal water, salts, and muds of the Adriatic Sea. The seaside climate is perfectly suitable for people with respiratory and neurological diseases.

How to Get to a Clinic in Slovenia for Treatment

Treatment at a clinic in Slovenia is an affordable way to improve your health. To learn more about this direction of medical tourism, you can use the directory The site contains up-to-date information about clinics, sanatoriums, and rehabilitation centers from all over the country. Here you can read reviews about the institutions, find out the  address, phone number, and the price of treatment, as well as make an appointment for a free consultation with the right specialist.

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