Medical help in Turkey

Treatment in a Turkish clinic is a budgetary, but effective way to improve your health. Turkish medical institutions offer a wide range of services, some of which are not available on the Russian market. The cost of treatment in Turkey is much lower than in Germany, Switzerland or the USA.

In modern Turkish clinics, the most complex surgical operations are carried out. Doctors are treating rare and complex diseases. Patients are cared for in major healthcare systems with a wide profile, such as Medical Park, Memorial, Medicine, etc. Good treatment is also available at affordable prices in private clinics that offer plastic surgery, hair transplantation, and aesthetic cosmetology services.

Treatment in Turkey: how to choose a clinic

Every year, hundreds of thousands of patients from abroad undergo treatment in Turkey, and most of the people come here from the CIS countries. This flow of patients allows Turkey to occupy an honorable place in the top five countries with the best opportunities for medical tourism.

Features of treatment in a Turkish clinic:

  • The most modern methods of diagnosis, treatment, prevention and rehabilitation of a wide range of diseases.
  • Innovative equipment, thanks to which early diagnosis, complex laboratory studies, operations on the heart, blood vessels, nerves and brain are available.
  • Having blood and organ banks, due to which advanced transplantation is available. If an organ cannot be cured, it can be transplanted from a donor, and the price for this will be much lower than in Europe or the USA.
  • Highly qualified medical personnel, and availability of highly specialized specialists. It is not difficult to find a doctor in Turkey in the following specialties: nephrology, pulmonology, hepatology, podology, algology, oncology, hematology, infectious diseases, etc.
  • Branches of the largest clinics are located not only in the capital regions of the country, but also in popular resorts. Therefore, treatment in Turkey is easy to combine with a seaside holiday, and you can easily find the address of the clinic you need in the Yellmed catalog.

How to go to Turkey for treatment

Taking care of your health is easy with the Yellmed catalog. The addresses and phone numbers of all clinics in Turkey are listed on the site. In addition, the site contains reviews from real people. Leave a request for treatment in several stages:

  • find the necessary medical institution in the search;
  • go to the page in the catalog;
  • study the profile of the clinic, read reviews;
  • fill out the form for a free consultation;
  • expect a connection with a representative of the clinic.

Discover all the treatment options in Turkey with the universal Yellmed catalog!

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