Medical help in United Kingdom

Treatment in UK clinics is becoming more and more popular each year among overseas patients. People highly value the capabilities of British medicine, which easily competes with Israel, Germany, and the USA, but services here are cheaper.

The country's medicine is state funded, and the state allocates funds for the development of many health care fields. Laboratories and research centers are searching for new, more effective medications, methods, and technologies to combat complex genetic diseases and illnesses, cancer, and heart diseases.

Treatment and Diagnostics in UK Clinics

Overseas patients are treated in general state hospitals and private clinics. In state establishments the price of treatment is much lower, since British medicine is considered free, but you will have to wait for an appointment with the right specialist. In private clinics the cost of services is more expensive, but you can get an appointment with a doctor much sooner, of noton the day of making an appointment.

Benefits of Medical Tourism in the UK:

  • The possibility of free treatment. State hospitals are interested in providing qualified aid to as many people as possible. For this reason there are insurance policies for foreigners which provide practically free medical services.
  • Multifaceted approach. Each patient is treated according to an individual plan. It is drawn up in the course of a collegial session, when a multidisciplinary team of specialists evaluates the problem from all sides, thereby increasing the efficiency of the entire process.
  • High qualification of doctors. British medical facilities employ experienced specialists, who have many years of successful practice under their belt. They regularly hold seminars, conferences, and congresses to share their professionalism with foreign colleagues.

Overseas patients come to the UK not only for treatment, but also for checkups. The most popular check-up programs are comprehensive diagnostics of the whole organism or particular organs and systems. Such measures help to detect serious diseases in their early stages and provide timely treatment.

How to Find a Clinic in the UK

You can find out about treatment in British clinics in the directory of medical companies The website contains information on leading clinics, hospitals and centers across the country. Here you can read reviews about the work of institutions, find out their addresses, phone numbers and prices for treatment, and then make an appointment for a free consultation with the right specialist.

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