Cardiology – clinical treatment and diagnosis

Heart disease is one of the highest mortality rates in the world. The cardiovascular system is quite fragile, it requires increased attention and care. But if it so happened that the consultation of an experienced cardiologist was needed, then it is better to go for treatment abroad.

This direction is most widely represented in Europe, Asia, and America. Leading medical institutions offer patients from all over the world the widest range of diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases of the cardiovascular system. To do this, they use all the methods and technologies known in the world.

Benefits of Cardiology Abroad

As a rule, people who cannot be helped in their homeland go for treatment outside their country. Such patients are handled by international departments that provide comprehensive assistance to guests of the country. Cardiological medical institutions guarantee their visitors:

  • Qualified assistance in solving problems of diseases of the heart and blood vessels;
  • An individual approach, taking into account chronic diseases and wishes of the patient when drawing up a therapy plan;
  • Compliance with international requirements in the implementation of medical activities;
  • All types of cardiological and cardiac surgery, including open heart surgery and intravascular interventions;
  • Effective and high-tech methods for the diagnosis and prevention of heart disease;
  • The use of minimally invasive techniques in cases where a complex operation is not required;
  • Postoperative rehabilitation;
  • Stay in comfortable hotel conditions, surrounded by friendly staff.

If you need a qualified cardiologist abroad, you should pay attention to clinics in Turkey, Latvia, Russia, Czech Republic, Israel, Chile, Germany, and Switzerland. Foreign doctors practicing in the world's best clinics are recognized in the international community. They are known far beyond the borders of their country and are an example for other specialists.

Cardiology abroad

Cardiology centers and hospitals all over the world offer qualified care to foreign patients. Doctors carry out the most complicated operations and treat serious diseases. The range of services includes:

  • diagnostics of diseases of the cardiovascular system (ultrasound, ECG, multispiral CT, coronary angiography, angiography, catheterization of the heart and arteries, X-ray, positron emission tomography);
  • minimally invasive endovascular surgery (valve replacement, stenting of coronary arteries, ablation of arrhythmogenic foci, balloon angioplasty, elimination of aneurysms);
  • all types of cardiac and angiosurgical interventions;
  • heart transplant, pacemaker installation, implantation.

In order to facilitate the recovery process after the surgery, patients are monitored in cardiological rehabilitation centers. They offer all types of rehabilitation, including medication and physiotherapy.

How to find a cardiology clinic?

To find a hospital, rehab or clinic anywhere in the world, you can use the catalog of medical companies. The site contains up-to-date information about places of treatment abroad, here you can also read reviews and sign up for a free consultation with a doctor.

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