Chemotherapy – clinical treatment and diagnosis

Chemotherapy is one of the most effective cancer treatments. It is mainly used in the treatment of leukemia and lymphoma, and in other types of oncology, it is prescribed as an additional treatment. This method is also applicable in the treatment of parasitic and infectious diseases.

Chemotherapy involves the use of various drugs that destroy cancer cells and tumors, reduce their size, and remove them from the active stage of division. Together with radiation therapy and surgical treatment, it is the most effective method for healing patients.

The spectrum of chemotherapy abroad

Foreign clinics offer the widest range of chemotherapy drugs. They are administered orally, intravenously, intramuscularly, intra-arterially, and topically. The drugs improve the effectiveness of other cancer treatments, eliminate malignant neoplasms, prevent the development of metastases, slow down cell division, and in some cases destroy tumors on their own.

Research and practice centers around the world are endlessly working to find new ways to fight cancer. Chemotherapy has side effects, so the work of researchers is important, they are looking for options to make this type of treatment safer.

The best doctors in this matter have advanced in:

  • Israel;
  • Turkey;
  • Germany;
  • Chile;
  • South Korea;
  • USA.

Foreign clinics offer all chemotherapy methods known in the world practice with minimal side effects. Modern protocols are used that are safe for humans, based on the state of their body and molecular genetic studies.

Before prescribing therapy, a comprehensive diagnosis of the patient is carried out. The work of his organs is assessed, the number of blood cells is calculated, which decreases due to the intake of drugs. Tests show a person's readiness for treatment, otherwise it is postponed until the condition stabilizes.

Benefits of chemotherapy in clinics abroad:

  • Proven protocols. Leading clinics around the world use only these drugs, the effectiveness of which has been confirmed by clinical studies.
  • Individual approach. Each individual patient requires increased attention to his problem. Diagnostics are carried out, on the basis of which drugs for chemotherapy are prescribed.
  • Innovation. Clinics around the world are working closely with each other to work together to find new, more effective ways to fight cancer. In the case when the methods of one clinic are not suitable for the patient, doctors recommend clinics in another country.

The cost of chemotherapy abroad depends on the type and degree of the disease, as well as on the number of courses, and the selected country.

How to find a clinic abroad

Finding a good medical facility abroad is not easy. In order not to waste time and effort in vain, you can use the catalog of companies. The site contains up-to-date information about clinics, hospitals and medical centers from all over the world. Here you can read reviews about institutions, find out their addresses, phone numbers and working hours, and also sign up for a non-free consultation with the right specialist.

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