Dentistry – clinical treatment and diagnosis

Modern dentistry allows you to quickly and efficiently solve dental problems. This is one of the few branches of medicine that is represented at a fairly high level in European countries of the world. It doesn't matter if you plan to go abroad for treatment or visit a dentist in your home country, the level of service will always be high.

People turn to foreign dentists if they have to stay in another country for a long time. Then they need to regularly visit a doctor for a preventive examination. Leading foreign clinics are happy to welcome guests from abroad and offer them the highest level of impeccable services..

The spectrum of dentistry worldwide

If a person is already dissatisfied with the dentistry presented in their country, then it is worth thinking about a trip abroad. Diagnostics and dental treatment are offered in Germany, Israel, Russia, Turkey, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Switzerland. Services offered here:

  • aesthetic dentistry (dental restoration, intracoronal bleaching, air and ultrasonic cleaning of teeth, professional oral hygiene);
  • prosthetics (veneers, crowns, inlays, on implants, bridges);
  • implantation (titanium, zirconium, ceramic implants);
  • maxillofacial surgery (surgical correction of congenital and acquired defects of the jaw, removal of a wisdom tooth, treatment of diseases of the temporomandibular joint);
  • therapeutic dentistry (treatment of caries, periodontitis, pulpitis, hypoplasia, erosion, canals);
  • orthodontics (bite correction with removable and non-removable systems);
  • periodontics (treatment of gum disease);
  • children's dentistry.

European clinics offer dental procedures under general anesthesia, that is, during sleep. This is the safest and most painless treatment option when complex procedures are required. For example, removal of several teeth or turnkey implantation.

How to find a dental clinic abroad

In order not to get confused in the abundance of services from various foreign dentists, you can use the offers posted on the website. The catalog of medical companies contains up-to-date information about leading institutions around the world. Here you can study reviews about the clinic, find out its address and telephone number, and sign up for a free consultation.

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