Functional diagnostics – clinical treatment and diagnosis

The first step in any treatment is to identify the cause of the problem. In most cases, it is possible to find out the cause of a deteriorating human health using laboratory tests. If the sampling of blood and urine did not give results, then additional studies are required - functional diagnostics are assigned.

This section of medicine allows you to objectively assess the state of a person, the performance of their individual systems and organs. During the functional examination, measurements of chemical, physical and other indicators are carried out, while using the most modern methods of laboratory and instrumental diagnostics.

The leading institutions around the world offer high-tech examination of patients using the latest generation equipment. An experienced functional diagnostician during the procedure can assume that a person has a particular disease, and then share the observations with the attending physician to make it easier for him to diagnose.

The spectrum of functional diagnostics in clinics around the world

Medical institutions around the world offer foreign patients the widest range of diagnostic procedures. Among the most demanded services:

  • examination of the work of the heart (electrocardiography, Holter monitoring, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring, veloergometry, echocardiography);
  • vascular examination (ultrasound dopplerography of vessels, brain, upper and lower extremities, triplex and duplex scanning, assessment of the elastic properties of blood vessels);
  • research of the respiratory system performance (spirometry, drug tests, peak flow monitoring);
  • study of disorders of the nervous system (electroencephalography).

This is just a rough list of the services that are available at functional diagnostic clinics around the world. Each medical institution has its own material and technical base, therefore the procedures provided in them differ.

How to get diagnosed abroad

It is generally accepted that Western Europe, the USA and Israel have the best medicine. Therefore, many foreign patients prefer to be treated here. Functional diagnostics in Europe is represented by clinics in Germany, Turkey, Lithuania, Spain, Czech Republic, Latvia, Belarus and Switzerland. You can also get qualified help in this area in hospitals in Chile and Israel.

People who are unable to receive the necessary assistance at home are sent abroad for treatment. For this reason, foreign hospitals offer patients comprehensive assistance:

  • assistance in obtaining a visa;
  • search, booking, and purchase of air tickets;
  • transfer from airport;
  • search for accommodation and car rental;
  • accompaniment at all consultations;
  • organization of leisure, etc.

Clinics abroad treat every patient who needs functional diagnostics with respect, so all procedures are carried out as soon as possible. Usually, the study takes no more than a day, during this time the attending physician will have the results of the examination in his hands, he can make a diagnosis, make a conclusion and prescribe therapy.

How to find a functional diagnostics clinic?

Hundreds of medical institutions around the world offer patients a comprehensive examination of the body. To choose the most suitable option, you can use the catalog of companies On the site you can read reviews from former patients, study information about leading clinics from around the world, and sign up for a free consultation at the institution of interest.

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