Magnetic resonance imaging – clinical treatment and diagnosis

Magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, is widely used in clinics around the world. This is a modern imaging method that allows the doctor to see the state of the organs and systems of a person. Unlike computed tomography and X-ray, during an MRI, the patient is not irradiated, so this procedure is much safer.

The picture appears with the help of electromagnetic waves, which are in a powerful magnetic field. The data obtained as a result of the study is recorded on a medium, and then a specialist deciphers them. In some cases, a contrast agent is used to improve detail.

Spectrum of magnetic resonance imaging abroad

MRI is done for examining soft and hard tissues, internal organs, malignant and benign neoplasms. Today it is one of the most accurate methods of medical imaging, which gives a detailed answer about the state of human health and does not harm the body.

This type of diagnosis is carried out for problems such as:

  • crayfish;
  • joint injuries;
  • multiple sclerosis;
  • herniated disc;
  • stroke;
  • bone infection;
  • aneurysm;
  • displacement of the vertebrae;
  • pituitary pathology, etc.

In foreign clinics, state-of-the-art tomographs are installed, they are noiseless and spend less time on data processing. MRI is performed in a comprehensive manner for the whole body or for individual parts: the brain, blood vessels, cervical spine, chest, abdominal cavity, etc.

Tomography is offered in leading medical centers around the world:

  • simple (regular snapshot);
  • with contrast;
  • with angiography;
  • functional;
  • with reconstruction.

Unlike other types of imaging, magnetic resonance imaging has a number of contraindications. The procedure is not available for patients with a pacemaker and any other metal implants, since they have magnetic properties, and this prevents the tomograph from scanning. Also, this diagnostic is not performed for people with claustrophobia.

How to find a clinic abroad

MRI can be done in almost any hospital in Israel, Chile, Belarus, Lithuania, Germany, the United States, and Russia. The cost of this type of diagnosis depends on the type of study, but in general it does not differ much. It is also worth noting that modern tomographs are installed in Western European countries - they are less noisy and allow for the examining of people with a fear of a confined space.

To find a place where magnetic resonance imaging is performed abroad, you can use the catalog of medical companies The site contains information about leading institutions from around the world, here you can also read reviews, find out the address and phone number of the hospital and sign up for a free consultation with a specialist of interest.

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