Mammology – clinical treatment and diagnosis

Mammology is a purely female medical discipline. It is engaged in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases. If earlier gynecologists dealt with breast problems, today a mammologist is a separate specialist who, if necessary, consults with oncologists, endocrinologists and gynecologists.

In world practice, much attention is paid to breast diseases, and this is due to the fact that more and more women suffer from breast cancer. Mammologists examine the breast for benign and malignant neoplasms and, if found, prescribe therapy.

In addition to cancer, doctors are involved in the treatment of dyshormonal and inflammatory disorders. For the early diagnosis of tumors in foreign clinics, the most modern technologies are used. Experts develop a course of diagnostics and therapy individually, so that it is effective for the whole body.

The spectrum of mammology in clinics abroad

This medical direction is widely represented in Europe, Asia and America. Doctors in Germany, Israel, USA, Chile, Switzerland and Turkey took the farthest step in this matter. Asian and Eastern European clinics are catching up with them, where a wide range of services is already available:

  • complex breast diagnostics using high-tech methods (digital mammography, ultrasound diagnostics, magnetic resonance imaging);
  • biopsy under hardware control;
  • drawing up an individual therapy plan at a council of doctors of different specializations;
  • plastic and reconstructive surgery, which allows you to save the patient's breasts in case of serious operations;
  • surgery to implant your own tissues and artificial materials when removing the mammary gland;
  • systemic therapies (immunotherapy, antihormone therapy, chemotherapy) that prevent the development of relapse and serious consequences;
  • radiation therapy as an adjunct to basic therapy.

The highly developed countries have learned to successfully treat breast cancer, so it is no longer considered a death sentence. Specialists from leading breast centers have achieved excellent results in breast cancer treatment and improving the quality of life of patients.

How to find a clinic abroad

Mammology is widely represented in clinics in Germany, Switzerland, Israel, Lithuania, Turkey, Latvia and Russia. To find a medical center in any of these countries, you can use the catalog of companies. The site contains all the necessary information about the world's leading clinics, here you can read reviews about their work and sign up for a free consultation at any of them.

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