Manual therapy – clinical treatment and diagnosis

Manual therapy is widely represented in clinics in Eastern Europe - in Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. It deals with the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the peripheral nervous system. Manual therapy is the impact of hands on certain parts of the human body, helping to get rid of problems.

The therapy includes acupressure, segmentation, and classical massage techniques, as well as physiotherapy exercises and osteopathy. Not all diseases can be cured in this way, therefore, before starting a course of manual therapy, consultation of other specialists is required - a neurologist, surgeon, therapist.

The spectrum of manual therapy abroad

Manual therapy is popular for its gentle methods of diagnosis and treatment. To relax the muscles, massage and passive stretching are done, and to normalize joint mobility, post-isometric relaxation, manipulation and mobilization methods are practiced.

There are many different techniques in manual therapy that are used in different cases. For example, when medication is contraindicated for the patient, and without them the pain does not go away, or when medical care does not give a positive result. You need to contact a specialist for problems such as:

  • pain in the neck, back and joints;
  • dizziness, loss of consciousness, headache;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular system;
  • the consequences of operations and injuries;
  • pain in various parts of the body for no reason;
  • curvature of posture in children.

The chiropractor at the initial appointment diagnoses the patient. In addition to the anamnesis, he needs an extract from the attending physician, which indicates that there are no contraindications for this treatment. If necessary, the specialist consults with other doctors - rehabilitation therapists, massage therapists, physiotherapists, etc.

The further course of therapy involves the use of minimally painful, safe and highly effective methods of manual exposure. Usually people see progress after the first dose, their pain decreases and there is a tendency for recovery.

How to find a clinic abroad

Manual therapy is popular in Eastern Europe and is also often practiced in Asia. To find a clinic with this type of treatment, you can use the catalog of medical companies On the site, each visitor can study information about leading hospitals around the world, find out the address and phone number, read reviews, and sign up for a free consultation.

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