Medical ultrasound – clinical treatment and diagnosis

Ultrasound diagnostics is one of the most affordable imaging methods. With its help, you can identify serious violations in the human body. Ultrasound results help physicians to plan therapy in the form that will give the most effective result.

This type of research is widely used in clinics around the world. Every year, new devices are created that allow not ordinary, but three-dimensional and four-dimensional research, and few clinics have such equipment in their arsenal. This type of ultrasound is done in high-tech countries: Germany, Switzerland, Israel, and the United States.

The spectrum of ultrasound diagnostics abroad

Without the conclusion of a diagnostician, the doctor simply cannot make a diagnosis, because only ultrasound gives a detailed answer about the state and performance of the systems. This type of research allows you to thoroughly study almost all internal organs:

  • digestive organs (liver, pancreas, stomach, gallbladder, the entire abdominal cavity);
  • heart, blood vessels, hematopoietic organs and circulatory system;
  • male and female organs of the reproductive system (ovaries, uterus, prostate gland, epididymis, testicles);
  • mammary gland;
  • endocrine and lymphatic system.

Ultrasound is often used during pregnancy. Only with the conclusion of the diagnosis in hand, the specialist can observe the condition of the fetus inside the mother. Ultrasound during pregnancy helps to identify serious diseases in the early stages of fetal formation and eliminate them so that they do not develop into congenital pathologies.

How to go to a foreign clinic for treatment

Anyone can go abroad for diagnostics. Overseas clinics offer a wide range of all kinds of treatments for foreign guests who use the medical tourism program. Indications for a trip to a foreign hospital for diagnostics:

  • the presence of severe, regularly recurring pain in any part of the body;
  • inflammatory processes of various origins;
  • feeling of squeezing, the presence of a foreign body in the body;
  • suffered surgical interventions and injuries;
  • poor blood and urine test results;
  • congenital pathologies.

Leading foreign clinics have at their disposal advanced ultrasound equipment. If the results of ultrasound are not enough to make a diagnosis, other imaging methods will be offered - magnetic resonance imaging, duplex scanning, computed tomography, etc.

How to find a clinic abroad

Ultrasound is best represented in Israel, Belarus, Germany, Turkey, Switzerland, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia. To view the list of clinics in these countries, you can use the catalog of medical companies. Here, each user of the site can find out practical information about the diagnostic center, read the reviews of former patients, and sign up for a free specialist consultation.

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