Obstetrics – clinical treatment and diagnosis

Obstetrics abroad as a direction began to develop recently. Not many women will dare to take such a  risk as going pregnant to another country. You shouldn't worry about this, leading medical institutions around the world are ready to provide not only qualified assistance, but also comprehensive support: from meeting at the airport, to discharge from the hospital.

Obstetrics is a medical direction that studies the processes taking place in a woman's body. But unlike gynecology, this discipline is related to conception, pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum care. Most of all, obstetrics is associated with gynecology and reproductive medicine.

Obstetrics abroad

In the countries of Eastern Europe, obstetrics is called delivery, since the entire pregnancy is monitored by a gynecologist. In other parts of the world, obstetrics is considered a separate discipline. The obstetrician treats diseases and pathologies of the fetus that may occur during gestation, gives recommendations on the diet and lifestyle of the pregnant woman, prescribes medicine for her if necessary.

An obstetrician advises a woman on obstetrics issues, and when childbirth occurs, accompanies her to the hospital. Foreign reproductive centers and maternity hospitals meet high quality standards. In addition to the traditional birth in a maternity hospital, other methods of childbirth are available here: in the water, in an upright position, and at home.

The spectrum of obstetrics in clinics around the world

Leading medical institutions in Europe, Asia and America offer the widest range of obstetric services:

  • pregnancy management;
  • perinatal counseling;
  • scheduled ultrasound and examinations;
  • taking tests to control the course of pregnancy;
  • all types of childbirth;
  • postpartum observation;
  • planning pregnancy;
  • infertility treatment, etc.

To achieve the best results and resolve the current situations, an individual and interdisciplinary approach is practiced. This allows doctors to quickly respond to rapidly progressing diseases and eliminate them without harming the mother and fetus.

How to find a clinic abroad

If you want to give birth in comfortable conditions under the guidance of highly qualified specialists, you must choose maternity hospitals in highly developed countries: Israel, Spain, Switzerland, USA, Germany. In Chile, domestic, vertical, and aquatic childbirth is common.

There are budget maternity hospitals in Turkey and Eastern European countries: Belarus, Russia, Latvia and Estonia. To find a clinic anywhere in the world, you can use the Yellmed.com directory of medical companies. Here you can study information about clinics, read reviews about them, and sign up for a free consultation.

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