Ophthalmology – clinical treatment and diagnosis

Ophthalmology is represented in many public and private clinics around the world. There are specialized medical institutions offering a wide range of services, ranging from diagnostics of visual acuity to serious surgical interventions. There are also narrow-profile clinics where only laser vision correction is provided.

Modern ophthalmology is able to cope with the most difficult tasks. Thanks to the latest techniques, specialists from leading clinics in the world can restore vision even to the elderly with a 100% result. In addition, doctors help to get rid of congenital and acquired vision problems.

Ophthalmology in world practice

The number of patients who prefer to solve vision problems abroad is increasing significantly every year. New methods of solving eye diseases are constantly appearing on the market of medical services. The world's leading clinics are the first to start using innovative developments in their work, while in other institutions they are not yet used.

For this reason, many people cannot receive qualified assistance at home, and are forced to travel abroad. Ophthalmology is widely represented in clinics in:

  • Turkey;
  • Latvia;
  • Lithuania;
  • Israel;
  • Chile;
  • Belarus;
  • Estonia;
  • Germany;
  • Russia.

In these countries, ophthalmic care is available in the departments of general hospitals and private health centers. Also, in any highly developed country there are clinics for laser vision correction, so here you have to choose depending on the cost of the services provided.

Where are the best ophthalmologists

It is necessary to choose a place for treatment abroad based on the practical experience of specialists working in a particular clinic. For example, doctors in Germany and Israel are considered to be more competent in the field of ophthalmic surgery. They have special equipment for high-precision diagnostics and surgical treatment.

Although there is no such equipment in the countries of Eastern Europe, there are super-powerful laser installations. This opens up new opportunities for foreign patients: they can receive high-quality services (including vision correction), but pay much less for it.

In general, ophthalmologists offer solutions to the following visual problems:

  • treatment of cataracts, glaucoma, retinal diseases;
  • correction of strabismus in children and adults;
  • laser vision correction;
  • children's ophthalmology;
  • treatment of diseases of the conjunctiva and cornea;
  • refractive surgery;
  • treatment of diseases of the eyelids and lacrimal gland;
  • consultations for patients with retinal dystrophy, etc.

In their work, doctors use the most effective diagnostic methods that help them to accurately diagnose and prescribe competent treatment. In foreign clinics, diagnostics of the organs of vision is carried out: ultrasound biomicroscopy, optical and laser tomography, angiography, Doppler measurement of blood supply and much more.

How to find a clinic abroad

Finding an ophthalmology clinic abroad is not easy. Many hospitals do not have their own department for international patients, so it will be difficult to get there for treatment due to the language barrier. In order not to waste time on independent searches, you can use the catalog of medical companies Yellmed.com.

The site contains up-to-date information about leading clinics from around the world. Each visitor to the portal can choose the most suitable medical institution for himself, read reviews about it and sign up for a free consultation with the specialist of interest.

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