Otolaryngology – clinical treatment and diagnosis

Otolaryngology in foreign clinics means the treatment of pathologies of the ear, nose and throat. This direction is one of the most important branches of medicine; ENT doctors are engaged in solving such problems. Clinical otolaryngology includes therapeutic treatment, disease diagnosis, and surgery.

Otolaryngology spectrum abroad

Clinics around the world are home to specialists for children and adults. The ENT direction is most widely represented in medical institutions in Germany, Czech Republic, Chile, Turkey, USA, Israel, and Latvia. Even the most serious problems are solved in local hospitals; narrow specialists in the field are accepted in clinics:

  • otiatrics (ear diseases);
  • otoneurology (connection of the nervous system with diseases of the ear, throat, nose);
  • audiology (hearing impairment, deafness and deafness);
  • rhinology (diseases of the nose and nasopharynx);
  • phoniatrics (problems with speech);
  • vestibulology (disruption of the vestibular apparatus).

Pediatric otolaryngology is also widely represented, which effectively diagnoses and treats diseases of the ear, nose and throat in children. Separately, there are plastic and reconstructive otolaryngology,  in which operations are carried out to eliminate external defects.

In order to obtain reliable data on the patient's health, a comprehensive diagnosis is carried out. It includes the most modern research: rhinoscopy, laryngo- and otoscopy, audiometry, microscopic examination, video endoscopy, manometry, tympanometry, biopsy and much more.

How to choose a clinic for treatment

In foreign clinics, conservative and surgical methods of treating diseases of the ear, throat and nose are offered. In Israel, Germany and Turkey, the level of medicine is many times higher, so the local specialists cope with even the most difficult problems.

Medical therapy, laser therapy, and minimally invasive surgery are widely used as treatments. For highly effective treatment of ENT tumors, stereotaxic radiosurgery is used, thanks to which non-contact therapy is carried out.

How to find a clinic abroad

 Otolaryngology is represented in hundreds of medical institutions around the world. It's easy enough to get lost in the abundance of offers from foreign clinics, so choose the one you need by using  the Yellmed.com catalog of companies. On the site, each visitor can read reviews of leading clinics abroad, find out their addresses and phone numbers, and also sign up for a free consultation.

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