Plastic surgery – clinical treatment and diagnosis

The desire to be beautiful haunts modern women and men. They are ready to spend any money on improving their appearance. In medical practice, several methods are used to improve the appearance and eliminate deficiencies - plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, as well as cosmetology.

Not many foreign clinics can boast of really good results. People who are eager to correct their appearance want to get an appointment with qualified specialists, and they can be found in clinics in Germany, Turkey, Israel, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Switzerland.

The spectrum of plastic surgery abroad

Foreign plastic surgeons have achieved impressive results in their chosen medical field. They carefully prepare each patient before the operation, and so that each manipulation does not harm a person, they even simulate the future result in a 3D program.

In order for the three-dimensional model to best reflect the final result, the patient undergoes an examination, which includes computed tomography and ultrasound studies. After creating a 3D model, the doctor draws up a plan of procedures and rehabilitation, and proceeds to the operation.

Plastic surgery presented in foreign clinics:

  • face surgery (rhinoplasty, lip shape and fullness correction, otoplasty, face and neck lift, blepharoplasty, eyebrow shape correction);
  • breast surgery (reduction, enlargement and lift of the breast, correction of the shape of the breast, reduction and increase of the pectoral muscles in men);
  • intimate plastic (penile implantation, laser intimate plastic, female labia plastic);
  • body surgeries (abdominoplasty, liposuction, surgeries to reduce the fullness of arms and legs, buttocks augmentation);
  • treatment of primary and secondary obesity;
  • non-surgical methods for smoothing wrinkles, lifting and correcting the shape of the face.

Before the operation will be carried out, you will have to pass urine and blood tests, x-rays, electrocardiography and mammography.

Plastic surgery innovations

Leading clinics around the world strive to ensure that the services offered meet the needs of each person. Specialists are working to find new methods of plastic surgery that leaves  minimal scarring , as well as shortens the postoperative recovery time.

In this regard, in foreign clinics these methods are widely used:

  • minimally invasive surgery;
  • transplanting complex structures;
  • wound healing and skin graft transplantation;
  • adipose tissue transplant;
  • scar treatment;
  • bone regeneration;
  • use of prefabricated tissue complexes.

The cost of plastic surgery abroad depends on the type and complexity of the operation. For example, ear reshaping is considered simple and inexpensive. More serious surgical procedures such as breast augmentation or tummy tuck are much more expensive. The cost of the procedures is always justified by a good final result and high quality of service.

How to find plastic surgery abroad

Hundreds or even thousands of clinics around the world offer beauty services. In order not to get confused in the proposals and choose exactly what you need, you can use the catalog of medical companies The site contains information about leading hospitals, clinics and medical centers from around the world. Here each visitor can read reviews, find out the address and phone number of the hospital, and sign up for a free consultation.

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