Proctology – clinical treatment and diagnosis

Proctology is widely represented in clinics around the world, it is engaged in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the colon, pararectal region and anus. These problems are extremely important and require delicate treatment, but a good proctologist cannot always be found at the nearest clinic.

Often people have to travel to another country to get advice from a qualified specialist. Every year, under the medical tourism program, tens of thousands of people are sent for treatment to leading hospitals and clinics around the world.

Spectrum of proctology abroad

Diseases of the proctological profile most often occur in people of age. Over time, pathologies of the colon and anus develop, which require prompt treatment. If these diseases are not treated in time, they can lead to serious consequences.

People over the age of 45 are required to have regular rectal examinations. So with early diagnosis, the doctor can identify an emerging problem and quickly prescribe treatment. Competent and timely therapy will eliminate the disease and prevent it from developing into a serious illness.

Clinics around the world offer a wide range of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of proctological diseases. Foreign specialists cope with such problems as:

  • anal fissures;
  • prolapse of the rectum;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • rectal trauma;
  • proctitis, colitis;
  • rectal fistula;
  • colorectal tumors;
  • genital warts in the perianal region;
  • rectocele;
  • epithelial coccygeal passage, etc.

With timely access to a doctor, these and other diseases can be treated. To identify the problem and assign competent therapy, modern diagnostic methods are used. These include hardware examinations (computed tomography, magnetic resonance imaging, PET / CT, endorectal ultrasound) and endoscopic examinations (colonoscopy, rectoscopy).

After diagnosing the disease, the proctologist makes a diagnosis and prescribes a course of therapy. Serious illnesses require surgery. Clinics abroad practice an innovative surgical method - HAL-RAR. This method, in conjunction with  conservative, endoscopic and laparoscopic surgery is used:

  • transanal removal of neoplasms;
  • hemorrhoidopexy and hemorrhoidectomy;
  • extirpation of the rectum;
  • getting rid of the sphincter from feces;
  • total mesorectumectomy;
  • coagulation, sclerotherapy and ligation of hemorrhoids;
  • removal of all types of tumors, etc.

How to find a clinic abroad

You can use the catalog of companies to find the hospital, clinic or medical center you need. On the site you can find useful information about institutions from all over the world, study reviews about them, and sign up for a free consultation.

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