Psychotherapy – clinical treatment and diagnosis

Psychotherapy is a field of medicine that studies human behavior, the influence of various factors on his mental health. It is necessary to consult a psychotherapist in the presence of panic attacks, stress, fatigue, depression, anxiety, mental disorders, etc.

In highly developed countries, visiting a psychotherapist is a common practice. They turn to one for help when they cannot find their place in life, are not in the best frame of mind, or experience emotional discomfort. A competent psychotherapist can be found in clinics in Russia, Latvia, Germany, Israel and Switzerland.

The spectrum of psychotherapy abroad

This medical direction is represented in private and public institutions. The main advantage of psychotherapy is the availability of author's methods of treatment, which are based on the personal experience of the specialists themselves. For example, in Israeli clinics, the principle of psychoergonomics is practiced, and it is based on the individual needs.

Psychotherapy is closely related to other medical disciplines, in particular neurology, neuropsychology, psychiatry, drug addiction, and rehabilitation. Most often, treatment abroad is chosen by patients with mental health problems such as:

  • schizophrenia, delusional and schizotypal disorders;
  • personality disorders;
  • mental retardation;
  • neurotic and somatoform disorders;
  • insomnia, stress, depression, anxiety;
  • behavioral syndromes;
  • disorders of mental behavior;
  • drug and alcohol addiction;
  • emotional disorders, etc.

For the treatment of patients, cognitive, existential medication and behavioral techniques, hypnosis, and Jacobson relaxation are widely used. The practice of gestalt therapy has also been popular recently. To achieve the greatest efficiency, pharmacological preparations are prescribed, if necessary, the patient is monitored in a hospital.

How to find a clinic abroad

To find a psychotherapist in any country, you can use the catalog of medical companies On the site, each visitor can read information about leading hospitals around the world, find out the opinion of their former patients, and also sign up for a free consultation with the right specialist.

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