Radiology – clinical treatment and diagnosis

Radiology is widely used in clinics around the world in the treatment of cancer. The effectiveness of the method has been proven for a long time, therefore it is considered one of the best in oncological practice. And if earlier radiology had a lot of side effects, today in foreign clinics the most modern and safe radiological methods are offered.

Leading medical institutions around the world have high-tech equipment that minimizes radiation exposure and protects the human body from negative factors. The specialists who perform the therapy have extensive experience in their chosen medical field, and they make every effort to achieve the best result for each patient.

Spectrum of radiology abroad

Radiological methods in oncology are used in the treatment of cancer in adults and children. In addition, this method is used to prevent the onset of vascular diseases, the central nervous system, the musculoskeletal system, the heart, the genitourinary system, etc.

For radiology to be effective, radiologists use it in conjunction with other therapies. Methods of treatment and diagnosis:

  • teleradiology;
  • scintigraphy;
  • isotope therapy;
  • brachytherapy;
  • intraoperative radiation;
  • stereotactic therapy;
  • precision irradiation;
  • intense modulated radiation;
  • bone densitometry, etc.

Radiology abroad is an important stage of treatment that requires careful preparation. Before starting the course of treatment, you need to undergo a comprehensive examination of the body. This type of therapy is not suitable for everyone and has contraindications, therefore laboratory and hardware diagnostics are necessary.

It is possible to undergo diagnostics before therapy begins and if it is indicated for a person, the radiologist will appoint a visit to the clinic. Foreign medical institutions offer inpatient and outpatient courses of procedures, from this choice the cost is formed.

How to find a clinic abroad

Radiology is represented in specialized cancer centers and multidisciplinary hospitals. You can find such in Turkey, Germany, Latvia, Switzerland, USA and Israel. Prices for procedures depend on the duration of the course, the chosen option of stay, and the specifics of the disease.

You can find a good clinic in any country in the world in the catalog of medical companies Here you can get acquainted with the offers of hospitals, read reviews from their former patients, find out addresses and phone numbers, and also sign up for a free consultation with the necessary specialist.

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