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Clinic "Euro-Medica"

Euro-Medica is a multidisciplinary Russian clinic that offers a wide range of medical services. The work here is organized in accordance with international requirements, and all services correspond to the highest European level.

Clinic advantages:

  • Specialists of the highest medical category work with patients;
  • Close cooperation with leading European clinics, constant exchange of experience and joint internships;
  • Wide diagnostic possibilities, own laboratory;
  • Modern equipment - advanced European and American equipment for treatment, diagnosis, prevention and rehabilitation;
  • An individual approach to each problem, regardless of gender, age and psychosomatic characteristics of a person.

When applying for help from Euro-Medica, each person can count on a qualified individual approach. The medical center offers a wide range of services in a wide variety of health care areas.


  • gynecology;
  • dermatology;
  • cardiology;
  • neurology;
  • endocrinology;
  • otorhinolaryngology;
  • gastroenterology;
  • mammalogy;
  • ophthalmology, etc.

In total, about thirty medical areas are represented in Euro-Medica, among which there are such rare ones as podology, trichology, phlebology, ozone therapy, osteopathy, manual therapy and many others. Also, the clinic is engaged in the prevention of acute respiratory viral diseases, intimate plastic surgery is performed.

Practical reception is conducted by forty-two  highly qualified specialists, their average experience is about 9 years. Even as experts in their chosen medical field, they continue to regularly improve their qualifications, undergoing internships in overseas clinics.

If you are looking for a good medical institution in Russia with European service, then Welcome to the Euro-Medica clinic!



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