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Gemma Rehabilitation and Care Center

Gemma Rehabilitation and Care Center is the only private institution for elderly care in Eastern Lithuania. The center provides patients to modern healthcare, making them healthy and happy.

About 100 specialists with extensive experience in the field of medical rehabilitation, take care of patients. They practice the latest treatment methods with an individual approach to each patient, which allows them to achieve the best result in each case.

Treatment and rehabilitation

Gemma Center has the most modern equipment for treatment and rehabilitation. The institution is located far from the city, and the building is surrounded by a pine forest as well as a picturesque view of the nature of Antakalnis.

The center hosts internships at the Vilnius University Faculty of Health. The institution also works closely with university professors, who often come to a rehabilitation center to advise patients and demonstrate the latest university developments.

Gemma specialists will do everything possible for patients to become healthy and return to their normal lives.

Recovery services and programs:

  • face and jaw physiotherapy;
  • Mulligan pain treatment;
  • children rehabilitation;
  • specialized specialists consultations;
  • massage and physiotherapy;
  • occupational therapy;
  • diagnosis and posture correction;
  • activities for infants, children and pregnant women;
  • preoperative rehabilitation;
  • sports medicine and diagnostics;
  • physical activity of people with disabilities;
  • care for the elderly.

Gemma Center provides all facilities for seriously ill and elderly people. Qualified specialists provide everyone with the necessary care. Neurologists, psychotherapists, psychologists, and traumatologists, work in a nursing home.

So that visitors to Gemma do not get bored, concerts, performances, and board game competitions are organized. Also, people regularly do outside activities and sports training.





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