Clinic of Dr. Grigorenko

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Clinic of Dr. Grigorenko

The clinic of Dr. Grigorenko has been operating since 2006. During this time, more than ten thousand people who got rid of excruciating pain in the bones, spine and joints,were her patients. The methods of procedures done by the clinic's specialists are completely safe and painless, and the problems of the musculoskeletal system are solved without surgical intervention.

Doctors whose high qualifications are confirmed by diplomas and certificates of the international level, in practice, apply reliable methods from Germany and Switzerland. All the doctors of the clinic are competent specialists with more than 20 years of experience.

Treatment in the clinic of Dr. Grigorenko

The treatment of pain with the most effective methods, is one of the highest priorities of the doctors at the clinic. In 97% of cases, specialists manage to completely save the patient from the problem without surgery, in only 3% of cases emergency surgery is recommended.

Dr. Grigorenko's clinic treats pain in the shoulder, neck, elbow joint, tailbone, lower back, forearm, hands, wrist, thigh, hip joint, knee, lower leg, ankle, heel and foot. It is also necessary to consult a specialist if you have persistent headaches, TMJ problems and problems with the big toe.

There are many reasons for the appearance of the above problems, as well as the solutions used by the doctors of the clinic of Dr. Grigorenko. Treatment methods:

  • osteopathy;
  • manual therapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • treatment of feet and lower extremities;
  • mechanotherapy;
  • helper methods;
  • weight loss and body shaping programs;
  • orthopedics;
  • rehabilitation.

Greater efficiency can be achieved if various types of procedures are combined with each other. For example, visit a chiropractor or osteopath and at the same time as takinge a course of physiotherapy procedures.



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