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Medex Clinic

Medex Clinic is a private medical institution in Estonia. The clinic provides assistance in eight areas. Such a narrow focus allows a chance for the clinic to guarantee a high result for treatment.


The clinic diagnoses and treats diseases of the bones and joints, and sports injuries. Endoscopic diagnosis and surgical treatment, as well as postoperative rehabilitation are also available at Medex.


The clinic is widely known in gynecology - the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the female genitourinary system. Doctors of the clinic provide competent counseling on the subject of gynecological diseases, and carry out pregnancy management. All types of women's health research, including ultrasound, are available to visitors.


Patients who have suffered injuries, serious illnesses, and surgical interventions are offered a course of rehabilitation and wellness treatments. Bringing the body back to normal with the help of therapeutic massage, gymnastics, and physiotherapy.


A gastroenterologist is involved in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the abdominal cavity - the gastrointestinal tract and liver. Such as:

  • stomach ulcer;
  • esophageal hernia;
  • gastritis and dysphagia;
  • dysbiosis, colitis, IBS;
  • pancreatitis, cholecystitis, cyst;
  • operated peritoneum disease.


The Medex clinic accepts qualified ENT specialists who diagnose and surgical treatments for chronic and acute diseases of the nasopharynx. Ear shape correction operations are performed.


Consultations are conducted by experienced specialists in the field of neurology and neurosurgery. They diagnose peripheral nerve diseases, prescribe conservative and surgical treatment, and also monitor patients with chronic forms of the disease.

Plastic and general surgery

The Medex Clinic offers plastic, aesthetic, and reconstructive surgery. It is used in the treatment of scars, benign tumors, and post-traumatic tissue defects. Conventional operations such as planned and emergency, in addition to minimally invasive ones, are also carried out.



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