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Diagnosis and treatment medical center

We are the largest private medical institution in Lithuania, where people from all over the world are offered high-quality care. Most medical services such as disease prevention, accurate diagnosis, effective surgical, therapeutic treatment, and rehabilitation are provided.

Innovative equipment allows our doctors to correctly and swiftly detect diseases. Instrumental and laboratory studies are carried out on high-tech devices. We invest in medicine in order to expand the range of services and provide quality assistance to a large number of people.

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We use modern technologies, medical devices and medicines from the most famous manufacturers. Our doctors regularly improve their skills by attending seminars and conferences with the world’s leading institutions.

Every year, about forty-eight thousand patients from all over the world are consulted in the medical center for diagnosis and treatment. One in ten patients come from abroad, in particular,Great Britain, Norway, Russia, Ireland, Ukraine, Latvia, Belarus; but also other European countries.

Our medical center hosts over 180 highly qualified specialists in 53 areas of medicine for adults and children. We offer consultations in the following areas:

  • family medicine;
  • cardiology;
  • obstetrics and gynecology;
  • sports medicine;
  • nephrology;
  • pediatrics;
  • therapy;
  • dietetics and proper nutrition;
  • urology;
  • allergology and immunology;
  • endocrinology;
  • otorhinolaryngology;
  • neurology, etc.

Vaccinations, instrumental, and laboratory tests are available at our medical center. We carry out complex operations and assist patients who have suffered injuries, operations, and complex diseases with their recovery



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