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Hospital "Mostishte"

The Mostiste Hospital is part of a large medical alliance and the only private medical institution in the Vysočina region. Patients are provided with comprehensive inpatient and outpatient care in the most popular medical areas.

The hospital was created to meet the needs of the residents within the region, people from all over the Czech Republic often come here. as well as people from neighboring countries.

Highly qualified hospital doctors offer patients a wide range of services. Within the walls of the clinic, complex procedures are performed, such as minimally invasive sleeve gastrectomy, robotic surgery of the kidneys, prostate and intestines, and joint replacement. For over 11 years, the hospital has been the largest robotic center in the Czech Republic.

As part of emergency medical care, the institution has the following departments:

  • surgery;
  • orthopedics and traumatology;
  • robotic surgery;
  • intensive care and resuscitation;
  • radiodiagnostics;
  • rehabilitation assistance;
  • plastic and aesthetic surgery.

Also, in the emergency department, outpatient care and services such as one-day surgery are available. The hospital has 75 beds for long-term patients, and 18 beds in the intensive care unit. In the outpatient clinic, highly qualified doctors practise in the following areas:

  • cardiology;
  • internal medicine;
  • pulmonology;
  • gastroenterology;
  • endocrinology;
  • bariatrics and obesity;
  • spondylo surgery;
  • diabetology;
  • neurology, etc.

The hospital has its own clinical laboratory, where thousands of various analyzes are performed annually. Gastric Fibroscopy, colonoscopy and polypectomy are also available.



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