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Dental Center Pro-Implant

Pro-Implant is a modern dentistry clinic located in Kaunas. The clinic has a holistic approach to the treatment of teeth, gums and oral cavity diseases. The impeccable quality of therapy and sincere care for each patient are the most important priorities of the clinic specialists.

Long and tiring procedures, accompanied by the loud sound of a buzzing drill, is now a thing of the past. The patient puts on virtual reality glasses, where one plunges into a fictional world while the doctor is engaged in the procedure.

Dental treatment

Those who live abroad can receive the full range of dental services as soon as possible. The clinic itself is engaged in the search for accommodation and helps to draw up insurance documents. Pro-Implant Clinic is a part of the Lithuanian medical tourism cluster.

The clinic has the most modern methods of dental treatment:

  • diagnostics and research;
  • dental implantation;
  • teeth whitening;
  • children's dentistry;
  • professional oral care;
  • dental prosthetics;
  • dental treatment without drilling;
  • restoration of missing teeth;
  • orthodontics and bite correction;
  • gum disease treatment;
  • surgical treatment, etc.

For those who are afraid of visiting the dentist, the Pro-Implant clinic offers dental treatments in a dream. This procedure is completely painless,safe, and suitable for both adults and children.

Since 2000, the clinic has been cooperating with the German Institute of Dentistry. So, all the most advanced innovations in the field of dentistry are introduced firstly, in Pro-Implant, and then in other institutions of the country.





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