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Medical Center Ramat Aviv

The multidisciplinary, private institution Ramat Aviv, provides modern medical services, including diagnostics and emergency care. The hospital is in possession of innovative equipment. Highly qualified employees work in it, helping residents of Israel and other countries to get rid of health problems.

Specialized institutes work on the basis of the medical center:

  • visualization;
  • breast health;
  • nuclear medicine and isotopes;
  • gastroenterology;
  • pain management;
  • physiotherapy;
  • postoperative recovery;
  • chemotherapy.

The clinic employs about 120 people, including 65 doctors of the highest order, the remaining staff are junior and paramedical staff. Ramat Aviv has several surgical rooms equipped with robotic equipment for routine and minimally invasive operations.

The hospital has its own laboratory, in which all types of tests are available, from general blood tests to complex genetic tests.

The institution also has its own scientific and practical center, where scientists in close collaboration with leading doctors conduct research. Doctors apply the knowledge gained during practical testing in their work, providing patients of the Ramat Aviv center with innovative treatment.

Center for the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer

One of the priorities of the medical institution is to help patients with the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. This is the most common type of oncology that occurs in men over forty. A Sonacare device has been installed in the Ramat Aviv clinic, which makes biopsy under ultrasound guidance possible.

Each year, about 5,000 biopsies are performed at the medical center to identify and diagnose prostate cancer. Using an innovative method, doctors of the clinic find out the presence of a disease in the body, and know the exact location of the tumor cells.



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