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The North Estonia Medical Centre

The North Estonia Medical Centre is one of the top healthcare providers in the country. The North Estonia Medical Centre Foundation was established on 25 July 2001, by the Republic of Estonia. As a regional hospital, it has the highest-level competence to provide specialised medical care. According to Medical Center’s statutes, our goal is to provide high-quality, specialised medical care and ambulance services.

As a patient-centred institution committed to professionalism, innovation and teamwork, the Medical Centre has over 4800 people – doctors, nurses, caregivers and specialists – working for the good of patients. Over 500 of them are doctors and at any given time, 100 medical residents are also based at the hospital. The hospital consists of seven clinics and 32 specialist centres. The North Estonia Medical Centre offers medical care for the following:

  • diagnostic medicine;
  • rehabilitation;
  • surgery;
  • nuclear medicine;
  • psychiatry and psychotherapy;
  • hematology;
  • radiation therapy;
  • internal illnesses;
  • chemotherapy;
  • neurosurgery, etc.

In 2019, the Medical Centre gave specialised medical care to 144 000 patients, of which over 24 500 are treated on the hospital’s 1150 treatment beds. Emergency medicine helps about 84 000 patients a year – in a day, we provide emergency health services to approximately 230 patients.



Hospital Ida-Tallinna Keskhaigla
Estonia, Tallin
Clinic Tartu Ulikooli Kliinikum
Estonia, Tartu
Dentistry Nordic Hambakliinik
Estonia, Tallin