СМ-Клиника на Маршала Захарова

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SM-Clinic on Marshal Zakharov

SM-Clinic located on Marshal Zakharov Street is one of the leading clinics in St. Petersburg providing qualified medical care for adults and children. This institution receives more than 90 doctors of different specialties, which creates comfortable conditions for each patient to feel at home.

The clinic is visited not only by Russians, many patients come from abroad. They receive a comprehensive examination, timely medical care of a high level, as well as caring and attentive members of staff who meet the needs of patients. SM-Clinic is focused on solving each patient's needs.

Treatment and Diagnostics

Over many years of work the medical center has formed a staff of qualified and competent specialists. They regularly attend conferences, symposiums, and medical events, where they share their experience with colleagues. They integrate acquired knowledge into their work process, which makes it possible to provide care in different areas and expand the list of services.

In the SM Clinic on Marshal Zakharov you can make an appointment with a specialist in:

  • pediatrics;
  • urology;
  • traumatology;
  • gastroenterology;
  • surgery;
  • chiropractic;
  • otolaryngology;
  • dermatovenerology;
  • cardiology;
  • neurology, etc.

Doctors of particular specializations receive consultations from phlebologists, vascular surgeons, allergists, proctologists, immunologists, andrologists, etc.

SM-Clinic is equipped with advanced technologies for wide spectrum diagnostics. All kinds of tests are performed, including urine, stool, blood and sperm, and many more. More than 70 kinds of ultrasound examinations of different organs, FGDS, colonoscopy, ECG, X-rays.

In the specialized outpatient surgery department, elective and unplanned surgeries are performed. Surgeons use minimally traumatic methods to avoid long post-operative recovery. After interventions, patients are monitored in a day hospital, where they receive skilled care.



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