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Institute of Cosmetology Stemphys

The Stemphys Institute of Cosmetology is one of the few institutions in Russia where, along with traditional cosmetic methods, unique copyright programs are used. It offers relief from appearance imperfections such as wrinkles, bags under the eyes, acne, anti-aging changes, cellulite, stretch marks and much more.

Dozens of face, body, hair and scalp care programs are available at Stemphys. Each patient can independently choose how they will be treated, since almost every problem can be solved in several ways. The clinic's specialists effectively remove the double chin, tighten the facial skin through injections, perform laser hair removal procedures, etc.

Affordable cosmetology for everyone

Experienced highly qualified specialists who know everything about beauty are received at the Institute of Cosmetology. Their extensive practical experience allows them to solve the most difficult problems, and to cope with usual procedures faster and better. In order to always be aware of new methods and technologies, they undergo training in foreign clinics, and then they introduce the knowledge gained into their work.

Cosmetology at Stemphys:

  • injection (contour plastic, biorevitalization, redermalization, mesotherapy, botulinum therapy, plasma therapy, placental lifting, threadlifting);
  • laser (vascular network treatment, laser rejuvenation, vascular removal, combating rosacea, fractional rejuvenation, neoplasm removal, hair removal, acne therapy);
  • hardware room (SMAS-lifting, RF-perforation, magnetotherapy, dermotonia, remodeling radio wave lifting, anti-age therapy, chromotherapy, ultrasonic face cleaning, microlifting);
  • aesthetic (professional face and body care using American, European and Asian cosmetics).

There are also widely presented procedures for the treatment of scalp diseases, hair care programs, consultations with trichologists and diagnosis of facial skin problems. The clinic regularly organizes master classes, which are attended by cosmetologists from Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Japan.

Institute of Cosmetology Stemphys - your easy way to become a beautiful, happy and successful person!





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