Strencha neuropsychiatric clinic

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Strencha neuropsychiatric clinic

The medical institution in Strenci provides the residents of the region with professional, highly qualified neuropsychiatric care. The most modern methods of treatment, care and rehabilitation for people with mental health disorders are available here.

There are 5 specialized psychiatric, narcological and psycho-tuberculosis departments in the Strenčka clinic. A day hospital for social rehabilitation is also accessible on the premises of the hospital.300 beds are available in the hospital. Hospitalization of seriously ill people and all kinds of forensic psychiatric examinations are carried out, as well as consultations of a psychiatrist and a narcologist are available.

Treatment and care

The hospital in Strenci is one of the few in the country where, in addition to psychiatric and drug treatment, people with tuberculosis are treated, including palliative care. Over the past few years, the range of services provided has significantly expanded.

Since 2019, a multidisciplinary team has been working within the walls of the institution, which is engaged in the comprehensive rehabilitation of patients. Specialists in the field, work with patients:

  • physiotherapy;
  • art therapy;
  • psychotherapy;
  • occupational therapy;
  • music therapy;
  • movement and dance therapy;
  • visual plastics.

In 2013, the Strenc neuropsychiatric clinic received international accreditation and began to work with foreign patients. Every year, thousands of people from other countries around the world are observed within the walls of the hospital. All of them highly appreciate the possibilities of Latvian medicine in the field of treatment and rehabilitation of people with neuropsychiatric problems.



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