University Hospital Cologne

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University Hospital Cologne

The University Hospital in Cologne provides the inhabitants of the region with high-quality services in a wide variety of medical fields. It is constantly working to find new methods for diagnosing and treating serious diseases so that every person who turns here for help can get it.

The hospital is one of the largest in the region. Every year about 370,000 patients are observed here, of which more than 65,000 people are treated in a hospital. The hospital has 1,500 beds and hundreds of medical rooms, there are treatment rooms, operating rooms, physiotherapy rooms, etc.

Patient care is provided by about 11,000 employees who came here  from 80 various  countries. During their work, all of them have established themselves as real professionals in their field, ready for selfless treatment of adults and children. They also regularly attend international conferences, where they exchange experiences with their foreign counterparts.

Treatment at the university hospital

The University Hospital of Cologne is an important research center in Germany, a developer of new therapies and an active engine of medical innovation. It offers the widest range of treatments and diagnostics for serious diseases. Help is provided in specialized clinics, institutes and centers:

  • complex oncology;
  • rare diseases;
  • incontinence of urine and pelvic floor;
  • thyroid gland;
  • operative pediatric medicine;
  • general and visceral surgery;
  • tumor surgery and transplantology;
  • ophthalmology;
  • vascular surgery;
  • cardiac surgery, etc.

In total, there are over 50 specialized departments in the hospital, where qualified assistance of the European level is offered 24/7. The institution has the necessary equipment for carrying out serious surgical interventions on the brain and spinal cord, nerves and internal organs. Comprehensive diagnostics is carried out using innovative equipment that is available only in a few clinics in the world.

The University Hospital Cologne is a combination of the professionalism of doctors, advanced medical methods and impeccable service.



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