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National rehabilitation center "Vaivari"

The Vaivari Center is the largest institution in Latvia providing all types of medical rehabilitation. The technical equipment and professional base are at a high enough level to provide a wide range of services for Latvian and foreign patients.

The key to successful rehabilitation is an experienced team of professionals. The center has been operating since 1991. t It was founded on the site of the existing Vaivari mother and child center. Since the institution was given the status of a Latvia’s national rehabilitation center, it has been working in this direction now.

The Vaivari Center provides inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, depending on the complexity of the particular case. Experienced rehabilitologists, physiotherapists, psychologists, and psychotherapists work with patients, ready to do everything possible to put people on their feet.

Inpatient rehabilitation

The most difficult types of rehabilitation also provided. This includes:

  • rehabilitation of multiple sclerosis;
  • musculoskeletal rehabilitation;
  • rehabilitation after amputation;
  • restoration of deformities and anomalies of the musculoskeletal system;
  • rehabilitation of trauma and polytrauma;
  • spinal patients and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation;
  • rehabilitation after traumatic brain injury;
  • cardiological rehabilitation;
  • rehabilitation of cerebrovascular diseases, etc.

A wide range of services includes about thirty rehabilitation programs, which are adjusted depending on the individual needs of the patient. Vaivari specialists work with all age groups .

Outpatient rehabilitation

Rehabilitation in an inpatient setting is necessary for people with diseases that occur in a mild form, but are still unable to return to their usual lives right now. When assessing the functional state of the patient, the doctor prescribes one of the following recovery procedures:

  • classes in physiotherapy and occupational therapy;
  • bubble baths or circular showers;
  • classes with an audiologist;
  • physical medicine;
  • physical education lessons or Nordic walking.

Also, Vaivari has its own prosthetics and orthopedics center. High-quality prostheses with individual characteristics are made here.





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