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Prosthetic laboratory "Valtera"

"Valtera" is practically a unique medical institution in the Baltic States, which offers a wide range of eye prostheses. The company employs highly qualified specialists with many years of experience who have been trained at leading universities in the UK, USA and Germany.

The laboratory was opened in 1991,during this time, thousands of individual devices were manufactured: synthetic and glass eye prostheses, ecto prostheses, and collectible eye prostheses. All products are manufactured by certified specialists using the highest quality materials.

Products from the Valtera company look natural, thanks to good materials it is possible to achieve the most natural effect. A person with such eye prostheses quickly integrates into the environment, and people around do not even realize that patient has an eye prosthesis.

Eye prostheses perform not only a cosmetic function, they are necessary for medical and preventive recommendations. What the prosthesis does:

  • Keeps the shape of the eye socket, does not allow it to change size;
  • Provides eyelids with a blinking function;
  • Maintains the correct location of the lacrimal canals;
  • Does not allow secretion to accumulate in the cavity;
  • Prevents any injury of eyelashes;
  • Protects the eye socket from dust, water and wind;
  • Preserves the movement of facial muscles.

The skill of the specialists deserves special attention. They are professionals in love with their job. The creators of eye prostheses are aware of all the innovations in the ophthalmic prosthetics market. As soon as new methods and technologies appear, specialists introduce them into laboratory activities and complete it very successfully.





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