Yunost Sanatorium

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Yunost Sanatorium

Belarus is a country of unique nature and continental climate. The main health resorts are located away from noisy cities in the depths of coniferous forests or on the shores of picturesque lakes. Healing mineral water springs and wonderful opportunities of resort recovery attract more and more tourists from abroad each year.

Sanatorium "Yunost" is popular among Belarusians and holidaymakers from Russia, Europe and the CIS countries. Here they can offer a high level of medical care and European service at affordable prices. Every year thousands of foreign guests choose to rest here, and they are happy with the time spent with benefits.

Rest in Yunost

The sanatorium is surrounded by pine and fir trees on the shore of the Minsk Sea. The combination of a large body of water and a pine forest creates a unique microclimate, which has a positive effect on the body. The health resort itself is a modern sanatorium and health-improving complex with the widest range of procedures for adults and children.

The main profile of the rest home - diseases of the heart and blood vessels, peripheral nervous system, bones, joints, connective tissues, diseases of the female genital system.

Recreational and rehabilitation procedures in the sanatorium "Yunost":

  • kinesiotherapy;
  • vacuum therapy;
  • dry carbon dioxide baths;
  • shock-wave therapy;
  • phytoaromatherapy;
  • hydrotherapy and mud applications;
  • spinal traction;
  • reflexotherapy;
  • and much more.

In addition to a powerful therapeutic and recreational base, the sanatorium has a certified spa center, wellness complex with baths and swimming pool, pump room with mineral water and a restaurant with a custom menu. To make sure the guests don't get bored, entertainment events are held in the concert hall, and movies are shown.

Foreign guests can go on a local sightseeing tour or on an excursion to Minsk, Brest and other cities of Belarus. We sell sanatorium stays with programs: wellness-rehabilitation, SPA-recreation, basic general therapeutic procedures, recuperation for medical indications.

We will be glad to see you among our guests!