Yellmed.com is the second project of our company preceded by Yellmed.ru, which gave us an immense experience on the Russian market of Health and Beauty. So we decided to expand internationally with the launch of Yellmed.com.

The main objective of Yellmed.com is to introduce the medical approach of post-Soviet republics to the foreign audience and vice versa. We help our customers and assist them in selecting clinics and doctors throughout the world. We firmly believe medicine has no borders and we want to prove it! 

There are 50 000 clinics worldwide represented on our platform, we work in close contact with medical institutions and doctors from 15 different countries.

Following the 2015 launch of Yellmed.ru, in 2020 Yellmed.com was based on our 5-year experience and accumulated knowledge. 


Serge Grytskow
CEO, co-founder of Yellmed.com

Alina Sapriko
ССО, co-founder of Yellmed.com